Taí uma informação pra lá de interessante: o programa de rádio online mais ouvido do site BlogTalkRadio é o do Olavo de Carvalho que, para surpresa do CEO do site, é transmitido em português. (Vale lembrar que os podcasts que gravei com o Olavo, juntamente com dois outros vídeos, já foram acessados, em conjunto, 70.474 vezes no You Tube.)

We have been seen a nice rotation of the most popular shows on Blogtalkradio . Yesterday, we broadcast 117 shows live and more than 1500 active radio hosts call Blogtalkradio their home.

We air shows dedicated to the most popular TV show of all time, American Idol. We air shows hosted by top bloggers covering politics on the right, left and center. We air sports shows and marketing shows, etc.

But as i write this post, the top show on Blogtalkradio is hosted by Brazilian political philosopher named Olavo de Carvalho. Here is the link to his show, but it really won’t do you any good unless you speak Portugese. You see while on air, Olavo doesn’t utter a single word of English. Olavo’s political ideology is center right, which is a lonely place to be, given the Brazilian government is way left.

I am pleased that Olavo is able to use our platform to engage his audience. Obviously his audience is as well!!

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Alan Levy
Chief executive officer, Blogtalkradio