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Capitalizar a pobreza

Parece que o melhor negócio, para o Brazil, é capitalizar a sua pobreza, seja ela mental ou material. Se enriquecendo nossas lindas idéias se acabam, enriquecer para quê? Depois de ver a propaganda dessa FavelaShop, no Adsense deste blog, passei a ter certeza disso. (Já havia o tal bar Favela em Paris, né, nenhuma novidade portanto.) Mas essas coisas se multiplicam mais e mais a cada dia. Acho que também abrirei uma loja em Londres, uma livraria, a Lula’s Books…


O sonho


Casa Vazia


  1. Mattias

    Well, once more the ignorance of people amazes me, Favela is a Portuguese word describing the slum in Brazil, and the word is famous all over the world. For Brazilians to try to make money out of something that is well known all over the world is something you as a Brazilian should be proud of and not ashamed or jealous over. you should be a shamed of having favelas though.
    Anyway with a country with so much riches there wouldn’t need to be any poverty, but due to corruption and the lazy samba culture you have created, you will never get there, you will only get ignorance and jealousy, why get rich? To get away from poverty perhaps!

  2. Hello Mattias
    Thanks for your message. But I believe that you don’t understand portuguese or something like that. I’m not ashamed or jealoused. That post was an irony. Do you know what an ironic comment is? I believe that you don’t know our reality too. Because I’m a capitalist and a libertarian. But our country is poor thanks to our government (yes,corrupt) and our intelligentsia, that criticise the capitalism – the only solution for us – and, despite of that, they love when some poverty simbol reaches the ears of world. Is FavelaShop a good thing? YES!!! We need richness. But why the people is proud to see only the success of this companies and his political correct names? We have a lot of companies – whithout this “beautiful” names – that want to rise too. (But the taxes, the tributes…) You said: “Why get rich? To get away from poverty perhaps!” Oh, my God, this is what I have saying all this years and you came here to say the same thing!! (To me?!!) You didn’t read my other texts and, nevertheless, believe the ignorant is me. 🙂 This is a weblog, not a book. You need to read a lot of posts to perceive my thoughts.
    Best regards
    Yuri Vieira

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