No blog do Lew Rockwell, Ryan W. McMaken cita este diálogo bem engraçado do sitcom Seinfeld:

“What is this? What are we doing? What in God’s name are we doing?”


“Our lives! What kind of lives are these? We’re like children. We’re not men.”

“No we’re not. We’re not men.”

“We come up with all these stupid little reasons to break up with these women.”

“I know, I know! That’s what I do. That’s what I do!”

“Are we going to be sitting here when we’re sixty like two idiots?”

“We should be having dinner with our sons when we’re sixty.”

“We’re pathetic, you know that?”

“Yeah, like I don’t know that I’m pathetic.”

“Why can’t I be normal?”

“Yes! Me too! I want to be normal. Normal!”

“It would be nice to care about someone.”

“Yes! Yes! Care!”