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O blog do Orwell

Idéia muito legal. Os diários do escritor George Orwell, autor de 1984, viraram um “blog” —com um “pequeno” intervalo de 70 anos.


The other local daily paper read here is La Presse Marocaine, which is somewhat more right-wing (at any rate more anti-Russian and more pro-Franco) than the Petit Marocain.

There are said to be about 15,000 troops in Marrakech.

Comportamento na blogosfera

Do Guardian

Howls of protest as web gurus attempt to banish bad behaviour from blogosphere

Opinion divided over code of conduct meant to rid postings of offensive and abusive comments

Ed Pilkington in New York
Tuesday April 10, 2007
The Guardian

Perhaps it was inevitable. When two leading internet pioneers came together this week to propose a set of guidelines that would filter out offensive and abusive comments from blogs, they were met by a torrent of offensive and abusive comments.

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